Improving health and maintaining a healing environment has always been the top priority for UC Davis Health System, and it's the key reason why we established a completely smoke-free environment at our Sacramento campus.

Smoking is prohibited in all outdoor areas, including parking areas and sidewalks, surrounding the Medical Center and other health system buildings on the Sacramento campus.

Any tobacco smoke — including second-hand smoke — carries a health hazard for which there is no risk-free level of exposure. Although UC Davis Health System has a long-standing no-smoking policy in and near our buildings, taking this extra step provides our employees, patients, visitors, volunteers and students with the extra protection they deserve.

UC Davis researchers are also helping us understand more about the negative health effects of tobacco use. One prominent focus area is how smoking-related illnesses affect different populations. We also teamed with UC San Francisco last year to document for the first time how the tobacco industry funded and used scientific studies to undermine evidence linking secondhand smoke to cardiovascular disease. Together our researchers combed through nearly 50 million pages of previously secret, internal tobacco-industry documents for the study.

There is significant support available to those trying to quit smoking. UC Davis Health System offers a variety of smoking-cessation opportunities, and we've enhanced our programs in conjunction with the non-profit California Tobacco Control Alliance so that our employees and patients have additional help as we go completely smoke-free.

"One of the other wonderful benefits of moving to a smoke-free environment is that it helps encourage a fair number of smokers to consider kicking the habit."
— Ralph de Vere White, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center director

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