Improving health and maintaining a healing environment has always been the top priority for UC Davis Health. It's the key reason why we established a completely smoke- and tobacco-free campus in 2008 and expanded it to other health system properties soon thereafter.

Today, smoking and all tobacco products are prohibited in outdoor areas, including parking lots and sidewalks, surrounding UC Davis Medical Center and other UC Davis Health facilities. A similar tobacco ban is in place throughout the entire University of California system.

Electronic smoking devices also prohibited

The use of electronic smoking devices is also prohibited. Electronic cigarettes are considered disruptive because people do not always readily distinguish the devices from normal cigarettes.

Helping people quit smoking

There is significant support available to help those trying to quit smoking. UC Davis Health offers a variety of smoking-cessation options so that employees and patients have all they need to kick the habit. For more information, call our smoking cessation experts at 916-734-0718.

Free nicotine lozenges

In addition, visitors and staff have free nicotine-replacement options while on the Sacramento campus to help them avoid the need to smoke (patients need to check with their provider for nicotine-replacement options). Lozenges can be obtained at our hospital’s gift shop and cafeteria, as well as the information desks at the nearby Ellison Ambulatory Care Center and at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Second-hand smoke harms health

Any tobacco smoke — including second-hand smoke — carries a health hazard for which there is no risk-free level of exposure. Although the health system had a long-standing no-smoking policy in and around its buildings, creating an entirely smoke- and tobacco-free zone provides employees, patients, visitors, volunteers and students with the extra health protection they deserve.

"Given that smoking has been identified as the single most important source of preventable and premature death in the world, maintaining a tobacco-free environment is an important part of our mission to improve health for all."

— Julie Freischlag, M.D.
Vice Chancellor/Dean, UC Davis Health System

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