Iwan’s Story 

A team of trauma specialists and vascular surgeons worked fast to save the life of the expert skydiver and photographer after a hard water landing gravely injured him.

Timing, technology and teamwork saved my life

This is Iwan van der Schoor – husband, father, expert skydiver and photographer.

After Iwan landed chest-first in the water following a jump on the Fourth of July, he was diagnosed with broken ribs and a partial rupture in his aorta, the body's main artery.

Iwan was airlifted to the level 1 trauma center at UC Davis Medical Center, where trauma and emergency specialists and surgeons coordinated seamlessly to repair the torn blood vessel and save his life – giving him the chance to get back in the air again.

David Dawson, M.D., vascular surgeon“This procedure is something that is done at many hospitals in the region, but what we have as a level I trauma center is the ability to coordinate that emergency capability, do it with zero advance notice, and we do it 24/7.”
— David Dawson, M.D., vascular surgeon


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