The Figone Family’s Story 

A multispecialty team of pediatric experts worked together to save the lives of Bennett Figone and his twin sister Savannah during the preemies' 132-day stay in the NICU.

Life's little miracles

Sydney and Greg Figone never expected to have children.

At age 21, Sydney was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkins lymphoma – a rare cancer she ultimately beat. The treatments took a toll on her body and while doctors gave them the go ahead to try, the Figones knew the odds of becoming pregnant were slim.

But they were in for a surprise when they found out they were not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins.

The family's joy turned to fear when Sydney went into labor at 22 weeks. Bennett and Savannah Figone weighed barely one pound each when they were born at just 23 weeks and three days gestation.

Transferred immediately to the Level IV neonatal intensive care unit at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, the babies fought to survive. In his second day of life, Bennett suffered a liver rupture. Stabilized by neonatal experts, he would later undergo surgery on a hernia and have a shunt placed to help relieve swelling in his brain.

Still on oxygen as their little bodies continue to develop, the Figone twins are now happily at home with their parents. Today they're gaining weight and reaching milestones, delighting in keeping Sydney and Greg awake and on their toes at all hours of the day and night.

Diana Farmer, M.D., fetal and pediatric surgeon“The expertise and level of care delivered by our multispecialty team are what really sets UC Davis Children's Hospital apart. We're here to provide that highest-end care to the people of Sacramento and beyond.”
— Diana Farmer, M.D., surgeon-in-chief, UC Davis Children's Hospital


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