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UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association

UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association

Meyers Named Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.)—Frederick Meyers, executive associate dean of UC Davis Heath System, has been named as a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, in London.

Physicians elected to the Royal College of Physicians must have made a significant impact on the service within their field of research and in the education of the undergraduate or postgraduate study of medical students.

Meyers was given the honor based on his exemplary service and achievements in palliative care and his extraordinary work as a medical educator. He was nominated by three Royal College of Physicians fellows, all from UC Davis: Timothy Albertson, chair of the internal medicine department; Joseph Leung, professor of gastroenterology and hepatology; and Andrew Chan, associate professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Meyers has distinguished himself in the areas of hospice and "simultaneous care," in which patients have the opportunity to receive investigative treatments along with palliative care. He also led the Department of Internal Medicine's expansion of academic medicine. Among his responsibilities as executive associate dean, Meyers oversees the medical school's research, teaching, clinical care and community engagement, as well as efforts to foster basic, translational and clinical research.

As one of the 20,000 members and fellows of the Royal College, Meyers will participate in international discussions, help set standards for medical professionals and advance the field of medicine in general.

The organization's mission is to combine traditional ethics and modern scientific technology to improve world health. The college is governed by a president and a board of officers, and is divided into departments and committees based on specialty. It consists of many of the best physicians and scientists in the world.