Rouleaux College encourages students to help set the tone and direction of the activities. The college includes approximately 100 students, 1 College Director and 4 Career Advisors.

Upon arrival at medical school, students in Rouleaux College are welcomed into an "advising family" consisting of a College Faculty (either College Director or Career Advisor) and approximately 20 students (5 MS1, 5 MS2, 5 MS3, 5 MS4). Working together, the family provides collegial support and advice on how each student can optimize their personal growth, learning and professional development while at UC Davis School of Medicine.

The College Director and Career Advisors play an important role in helping students to recognize their personal interests, strengths and areas for improvement. They also support students by periodically reviewing their progress, assisting in selecting elective rotations and assisting in career planning.

Rouleaux College has an active student council that meets monthly.

College Director:
Randall Lee, M.D.

Career Advisors:
David Cooke, M.D.
Maga Jackson-Triche, M.D.
Carol Vandenakker-Albanese, M.D.
Jane Yeun, M.D.