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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)

The Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) offers confidential, cost-free assessment, counseling, consultation and referral services to all UC Davis/UC Davis Health System faculty, staff and their families.  Whether the problem is work-related or personal; administrative or individual, career or relationship focused; ASAP can assist you in recognizing and resolving the problem.

Professional Staff:
As your employee assistance program, we are available to help deal with concerns before they become more difficult.  Don't hesitate to call us.

What we provide...

ASAP provides an opportunity for you to identify and resolve troublesome, personal or professional problems through confidential counseling.  We offer consultation and referral assistance in such areas as:

  • Anxiety/tension/stress management
  • Marriage/relationship issues
  • Family discord
  • Depression
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Financial and legal problems
  • Crisis situations
  • Career development

Call: For assistance or more information, call ASAP's Supervisor, Carol Kirshnit, PhD., at (916) 734-2727.  ASAP is located in Ticon III, room 2100, 2730 Stockton Blvd (two blocks south of the main hospital).  An ASAP counselor can arrange to meet with you elsewhere if you cannot come to our office.