The objective of the Student Mentoring Program is to provide medical students with information, resources, and experiences, so they can make informed decisions about their career path and residency match. The Advising Team (staff), Specialty Advisors (faculty), Senior Student Mentors (students), and Leadership can help you devise a strategy for turning your interests and skills into a meaningful career in medicine.

Advising Team

Staff Advisors are your primary contacts for career advising and student support services. You'll be meeting with them regularly to disucss career exploration, extracurricular involvement, and general medical school questions. Reach out them anytime for support or stop by their offices in the Student Commons.

Sarah Arsenoff, M.S.
Phone: 916-734-8495
Woubejig Shiferaw, M.A.
Phone: 916-734-4636

For questions regarding your MSPE letter, ERAS, and the NRMP contact:

denise nelson
Residency Application and Elective Administrator
Phone: 916-734-3530

Specialty Advisors

Specialty Advisors are faculty members who are available for shadowing, connecting students to research, offering specialty-specific advice, planning 4th year schedules, and evaluating individual application strengths in helping students apply strategically to residency programs. Each department has a designated specialty advisor contact. For the list of specialty advisors please contact a staff Advisor.

Senior Student Mentors

Whether it be about their specialty decision, or their experiences in medical school, Senior Student Mentors are available to connect with students from all years. As members of the current graduating class, they are happy to provide mentorship and guidance to those following in their footsteps. For the list of Senior Student Mentors please contact a staff Advisor.


Whether you are undecided on a specialty, preparing for the match process, or want additional guidance from faculty, our Leadership Team is here to support you as a medical student.

Sharad Jain, M.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Phone: 916-734-4118
Erik Laurin, M.D.
Director, Student Mentoring Program
Phone: 916-734-5016
Frank Sousa, M.D.
Assistant Dean, Admissions and Student Development