Student Profiles

 Monique Atwal

I chose the San Joaquin Valley PRIME Program because I want to serve the community that has had such a large influence on my life. From growing up in a large, immigrant family to working amongst the underserved in the area, I truly appreciate what makes the Valley unique. I am proud to call it home and look forward to the opportunity to implement positive change to better the health of the community at large. I wish to make a difference through public health initiatives, culturally competent care, educational outreach, and health policy. The San Joaquin Valley PRIME Program is a resource to help me gather the knowledge and understanding to not only be a empathetic provider for my community, but also a leader and advocate for this medically underserved region who lacks a voice.   


Kenneth Job

The chance to practice and serve in the San Joaquin Valley will allow me to reach a community that is often overlooked by healthcare professionals. I chose San Joaquin Valley PRIME because this program gives me the opportunity to serve a community I have called home my entire life. Being in SJV Prime will help prepare me to be an an advocate for our home and be a voice for change. It is my passion to return home and make a positive impact by providing quality care to Fresno and the rest of the SJV.

 Neetu Malhi

 San Joaquin Valley PRIME is a unique initiative that specifically recognizes the deficit of adequate and equitable care in the valley. As a Fresno native, I am no stranger to these realties and I chose SJV PRIME to be part of an effort that is working to diminish those disparities. The program will not only help me better understand the needs of underserved communities in the valley, but also provided me with the tools necessary to bring opportunities to them. I hope to graduate the program as a more culturally competent leader that can be a strong advocate for the region. 

Stephanie Melchor

I chose San Joaquin Valley PRIME because I want to serve as a catalyst for positive change by alleviating the ongoing health care plight of rural workers in the San Joaquin Valley. Although I realistically understand that as a physician I cannot help or save everyone, I truly want to dedicate myself to alleviating suffering and facilitating healing of as many people as I can. Therefore, involvement with SJV PRIME will allow me to learn more about specific needs and appropriate interventions within the Valley that I can implement in my own future practice to improve overall population health outcomes.

Enid Picart

I chose SJV PRIME because the Central Valley is my home and I see myself as an advocate for its wonderful and diverse populations. SJV PRIME will provide me the tools to become and exceptional physician to provide the much needed care to those of the Central Valley and it will also help further establish me as a leader and advocate of the communities I call home because I have worked there and/or have lived there. There’s a great need in the Valley for physicians and health policy changes and I am looking forward to working with the wonderful faculty and my fellow medical student colleagues to help health treat those in need, help advocate alongside community leaders and help mentor other disadvantaged minority students into the realm of medicine.