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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

Class of 2016

Curriculum Manager

Polly Latow
(916) 734-4984

Doctoring Manager

Amy Mellin
(916) 734-4124

Course Coordinators

Donna Chan - (916) 734-4119
Connie Freeman - (916) 734-2356
Lina Ibarra - (916) 734-4111
Rebecca Miller - (916) 734-3204
Ida Shunk - (916) 734-3531

Rural-PRIME Coord.

 Heather Mora - (916) 734-4105 

Valley-PRIME Coord.

Paty Gonzalez - (916) 734-0276


Bao Xiong - (916) 734-3349

Academic Advis./USMLE

Gail Peoples - (916) 734-4122

Career Advising

Charlene Green 
(916) 734-1848
Sakai and Course Information
(course sites) (Use U.C. Davis Kerberos & password)
This Week's Curriculum Schedule  
Student-Run Website
Class of 2016 Webpage (student managed)
Student-Run Clinics
Student Run Clinics Website
Health System and UC Davis Campus Email
Citrix HS username & password + Lotus Notes Password
HS Mail: Uses "internet password" from Lotus Notes
UC Campus Email
Computer and Tech Support
Technical Support Use U.C. Davis Kerberos username & password
For Computer Support - Password reset for Lotus Notes or HS login acount 734-HELP
Kerberos Account 
Educational Resources, Websites and Policies
Overall Medical Education Timeline (2014-15),
CRC Web Site,
Academic Calendar 2014-2015 (pdf)
Mistreatment Reporting
One Stop 4th Year Resources
Click here to visit 4th year resources page
Mistreatment Reporting
Parking and Facilities Resources
Student Parking Options
Education Building Room Scheduling System