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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

Class of 2013 information

Fourth Year Specialist

Lina Ibarra - (916) 734-4111

Doctoring 4 Manager

Bren Ahearn - (916) 734-4124

CPX Managers

Ann Magdalen - (916) 734-4664
Haydee Pineda-Johnson
(916) 734-5201

Rural-PRIME Coordinator

Heather Mora - (916) 734-4105 

Valley-PRIME Coord.

Paty Gonzalez - (916) 734-0276

Career/Academic Advising

(Car.) 734-1848
Gail Peoples 
(Acad.)(916) 734-4122

Pre-Residency Coordinator

Lao Thao - (916) 734-1823
Sakai and Course Information
(course sites) (Use U.C. Davis Kerberos & password)
This Week's Curriculum Schedule
Student Run Website
Class of 2013 Webpage (Student Managed)
Student Run Clinics
Student Run Clinics Website
Health System and UC Davis Campus Email
Citrix: HS username & password + Lotus Notes Password
HS Mail: Uses "internet password" from Lotus Notes
UC Davis Campus Email
Computer and Tech Support
Technical Support
Use UC Davis Kerberos username & password
Password reset for Lotus Notes or HS login acount 
Kerberos Account 
Educational Resources, Websites and Policies

Overall Medical Education Timeline (2013-14),
LCME Accreditation WebsiteCRC Web Site,
Academic Calendar 2013-2014 (pdf)
Fourth Year Electives, Clinical Performance Exam (CPX), Graduation Requirement Checklist (coming soon)
Mistreatment Reporting
One Stop 4th Year Resources
Click here to visit 4th year resources page