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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

Meet current students

Joyce Ma


Joyce Ma, a student in the Physician Scientist Training (M.D./Ph.D.) Program, got an early taste of research success and was hooked.

Working with a faculty mentor, Ma was part of a team that helped develop a research project related to stem cells. She was even invited to attend a pair of prestigious scientific conferences to present their work.

"The best part about doing research here at UC Davis is that students have the opportunity to be creative and design a project. My interests are in translational medicine, so I can literally work from the laboratory bench to a patient's bedside.

"I've seen our patients in clinic, scrubbed in to assist in the OR, taken the samples to the pathology lab, and then studied the samples in a basic science lab. It's a chance to learn about disease from many different perspectives."

About UC Davis School of Medicine students

 UC Davis medical students an awareness of the demands of the profession, have developed skills in interpersonal relations, have demonstrated leadership potential and show promise of serving the needs of people in our pluralistic society.

Year after year, a profile of our first-year medical students portrays strong diversity — in background, age and ethnicity. Recent surveys have ranked the UC Davis medical school among the top 25 schools nationwide in the number of ethnic minority admissions. And our student support services ensure that all of our students have resources available to see them through to graduation.

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