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M.D. Program

M.D. Program


 The Transforming Education and Community Health for Medical Students (TEACH-MS) is an innovative four-year tailored M.D. program at the UC Davis School of Medicine for students with a strong interest in primary care and care for the urban underserved.   

The TEACH-MS Program seeks to improve access to effective, culturally respectful and equitable health services for underserved communities by providing rewarding community-based experiences that support interest in primary care among medical students.  This program is uniquely designed to create an educational experience that produces physicians capable of equitably delivering high quality health care and health promotion services to the full spectrum of diversity within America's populace.

This program is federally-funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration (H.R.S.A.), which aims to improve health and achieve health equity through access to quality services, a skilled health workforce and innovative programs.