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M.D. Program

M.D. Program


What is the difference between the PRIME programs and TEACH-MS?
The PRIME programs and TEACH-MS focus on work in underserved communities. However, unlike Rural PRIME (focus on rural California) and the UC Merced San Joaquin Valley PRIME (focus on urban and rural in San Joaquin Valley), TEACH-MS focuses specifically on urban underserved communities.

How long is the TEACH-MS program?
 TEACH-MS is a four-year program.

Do TEACH-MS students take all the same classes as non-TEACH-MS students?
 Yes, TEACH-MS students take the same required medical school classes as non-TEACH-MS students. 
 How much extra time is required of TEACH-MS students to participate in the program?
 The clinical experiences in the first and second year are scheduled, on average, once every month.  These clinical experiences are 2-4 hours long. Students are encouraged to attend weekly seminars. The Summer Institute on Race and Health will be full-time for 4 weeks during the summer between the first and second year of medical school.  The clerkship in the third year and the elective in the fourth year are a part of the regular medical school curriculum, so these do not require additional time.
 Is a master’s program part of the TEACH-MS curriculum?
 TEACH-MS does not require you to get a master’s degree. However, as a UC Davis medical student you may elect to complete a master’s program.
 What does the TEACH-MS curriculum look like over the four years?
 YEAR 1:
 In the first year students participate in clinical experiences at local community clinics and engage in inter-professional learning with the UCD Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in weekly seminars.   
 During the summer between the first and second year, students participate in the Summer Institute on Race and Health, an intensive 4-week course that uses field trips, media, readings and clinical experiences to explore race, health and health disparities. 
 YEAR 2:
 In the second year students continue their clinical experiences at local community clinics and attend weekly noon seminars.  They have the option to participate in a student-led community project. 
 YEAR 3:
 In the third year students continue their primary care experiences in community clinics during the internal medicine, family medicine and psychiatry clerkships. 

 In the fourth year senior TEACH-MS students participate in an elective in which they mentor incoming TEACH-MS students. 
 What clinics will TEACH-MS students work with?
 Starting in the first year TEACH-MS students will participate in clinical experiences at local community clinics. Through these clinical experiences students will learn about community-based health centers and the role they play in the health and health care of underserved populations.  Students will have the opportunity to work directly with a team of physicians highly committed to primary care and care for the underserved.  Currently, TEACH-MS students are placed in 3 local community clinics: Sacramento County Primary Care Clinic, Transcultural Wellness Center, and Communicare.

 I see you offer inter-professional experiences, what does this look like?
 TEACH-MS students participate in seminars with the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing and intensive inpatient experiences with bedside nurses.
 Are there research opportunities available through TEACH-MS?
 Currently there are no research opportunities available within the TEACH-MS Program, however students may elect to complete a research program available through the UC Davis School of Medicine.
TEACH-MS seems very primary care oriented, am I required to choose primary care as my specialty at the end of medical school?
 No, the goal of TEACH-MS is to train future physicians committed to primary care and serving the urban underserved, but the program by no means obligates students to choose primary care as a specialty.   
 How do I apply to TEACH-MS? When are applications due?
 All applicants must apply to the UC Davis School of Medicine through American Medical College Application Service by October 1. Applicants should indicate interest in TEACH-MS on the secondary application. Once accepted to the UC Davis School of Medicine, interested students will be contacted. The TEACH-MS selection committee will invite the strongest candidates for interviews via Skype. Your application will be considered based on your commitment to primary care and urban underserved practice. Decisions are made on a rolling basis.
 How many students are accepted annually?
 TEACH-MS accepts up to 6 students per year. 
 Are TEACH-MS students entitled to any additional financial grants or
 Currently there are no additional financial grants or loans available to TEACH-MS students. A limited number of stipends are available for eligible students who participate in the Summer Institute on Race and Health.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
 Please contact Bao Xiong if you have questions regarding the program. You can reach her at 916.734.3794 or