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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

Program curriculum

Longitudinal clinical experiences:

Starting in the first year of medical school TEACH-MS students will participate in clinical experiences at local community clinics.  Through these clinical experiences students will learn about community-based health centers and the role they play in the health and health care of underserved populations.  Students will have the opportunity to work directly with a team of physicians highly committed to primary care and care for the underserved.

Community clinic preceptorships:

Integrated Behavioral Health Team
Preceptor: Dr. John Onate

Sacramento County Primary Care Clinic
Preceptor: Dr. Heather Vierra

Transcultural Wellness Center
Preceptor: Dr. Tonya Fancher

The Summer Institute on Race and Health:

The Summer Institute on Race and Health is an intensive 4-week course, consisting of mini-lectures, community presentations, films, fieldtrips, and readings from a variety of disciplines.  In a non-confrontational environment, students explore with faculty and staff the myriad ways that race and social determinants of health differentially impact the health status and health care interactions they will encounter with our state and country’s increasingly diverse population. The Institute’s strategies take us far beyond a cultural-tourism approach to reflect together on deep issues of identity, power imbalances, and the historical contexts that can result in disparities in both health status and health-care delivery.  The Summer Institute is offered in the summer between the first and second year of medical school. It is a requirement for all TEACH-MS students.  Stipends are available for eligible students.

Weekly noon seminars:

 Weekly interactive seminars focused on community engagement, health care for the underserved, leadership, and health equity and technology

Home visits:

 Students do home visits with patients with HIV and their families through our community partner, Harm Reduction Services (HRS): HRS provides non-judgmental, non-threatening delivery of services and resources to injection drug users, sex workers, and sexually active youth in Sacramento.

Interprofessional learning:

Clinical time with experienced UC Davis bedside nurses