PITCH Admissions

Student Expectations

  1. Students must first be admitted into UCDSOM’s classic 4 year track program or UCDSON’s NP/PA, MEPN, Ph-D, or MS-L class.
  2. Students must express an interest in interprofessional work and community health. Preference will be given to those not in a track program.
  3. It is to be stressed that PITCH students will be making a significant commitment to the program. Students will be expected to meet a certain number of hours for their community engagement projects and attend mandatory workshop sessions throughout their first year.
  4. The application for PITCH will open in mid-May for medical students and mid-June for nursing students. Please check back here at that time for a link to our application.
  5. Your professional school photos may be on display on this site at a later time.

Application Process

  1. All applicants must apply to the UC Davis School of Medicine through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) by October 1. For more information, please visit the UC Davis School of Medicine Admissions Process or to the UC Davis School of Nursing.
  2. Students will submit an application for PITCH either during May or June. Please check back here for the application link.
  3. Students will also submit a resume with their application to our PITCH team via email.
  4. If needed, interviews will be scheduled between the months of June and July.

By the end of July/beginning of August, up to 8 MS1s and 8 first year SON students will be selected to be a part of the PITCH 2017 cohort.