A student led program to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning between medical and nursing students.
  • Immerse students in community engagement projects.
  • Develop the knowledge base and leadership skills to become leaders in improving community health.

PITCH is a student-led effort on the University of California, Davis Medical Center campus to cultivate more interprofessional learning and community engagement among our health professional students. Since being awarded AOA funds in 2015, PITCH has been working to achieve its mission of community-based service learning alongside interprofessional colleagues. In 2016, PITCH selected an interprofessional group of community-based learners from applicants among School of Medicine and Nursing students. Some projects completed by PITCH during the year include hosting an interprofessional workshop, and developing a community engagement internship, and established concrete methods for evaluating PITCH created events.

PITCH students can expect:

  • To be placed in an interprofessional cohort of 16 students, 8 from SOM and 8 from SON
  • To develop their own longitudinal community engagement project
  • To attend interprofessional workshops about health care systems, policy, and leadership among other topics.