You will be invited to apply to PITCH via email in June. Application instructions will be sent then as well. Your application will be screened and considered on a rolling basis. A maximum of eight medical students, and eight nursing/PA students are selected to join PITCH.

Our program is unique because we are a student run programs. Our board members consist of medical students and nursing students with faculty taking on a mentor/advisor role. It is often your upperclassmen that are helping to shape the activities of the PITCH cohort.

The PITCH cohort is our up to 16 student group that goes through our workshops and community engagement projects. Our leadership board take on the task of program management as we help shape these community internships, organize the workshops, and generate evaluations to measure the success of PITCH.

There will be chances to do so if you would prefer the experience of program management to being in the PITCH cohort. Please email us if you would be interested in such an opportunity.

By no means is a track student discouraged from applying. We have found that track students also have a lot of commitment from their track program. PITCH will also have its own commitments we do not want our students to be overwhelmed.

Our community engagement chairs will be looking at your interests and preferences before matching you to a location.

We acknowledge that being in PITCH is a big commitment. That being said, our leadership team tries at every opportunity to accommodate schedules from school of nursing and school of medicine. We are aware of exams, crunch time, and the demands of extracurricular activities such as Student Run Clinics, and do our best not to place too much on our students. We understand better than anyone that your priority is school, because we are students ourselves. We ask that you do not completely overcommit yourself to other extracurricular activities if you are a part of PITCH, but if at any time you feel that you are being overwhelmed, our leadership team is flexible and will make every effort to work out a solution with you. As long as you keep the communication line open, we will support you as best we can.

We will be accepting 8 MS1s and 8 school of nursing students from various health professional classes.

AOA stands for Alpha Omega Alpha. From their website: “Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, a professional medical organization, recognizes and advocates for excellence in scholarship and the highest ideals in the profession of medicine.” AOA often gives out grants for projects produced by medical students. PITCH (formerly known as Inter-Professional Community Health Leaders Program ) was one of those projects in the past that is currently being funded by AOA. To learn more about the AOA and us, please visit Alpha Omega Alpha.

First and foremost, no other program will give you the same amount of community work as PITCH will. Your PITCH community project will be one of the highlights of the program and will allow you to see how health is directly impacted by the community you live in. PITCH also offers a chance to work closely with your future health professional colleagues in the School of Nursing and we are currently the only student run interprofessional program with an interprofessional cohort. As our healthcare system changes to a more team based approach, PITCH’s goals are to get health professional students ready for that change in the workplace and to work as a team towards patient centered care. PITCH also offers great faculty mentors for both school of medicine and school of nursing. We also have a close connection with UC Davis’s AOA chapter and there are possible mentoring opportunities there. Finally, medical students and nursing students can use PITCH to continue to build up their career CVs and portfolios. Medical students in PITCH can have a portion of their future Dean’s letter for residency focused on their work in PITCH and nursing students will have chances to get great letters of recommendation from our SON faculty mentors.