1. PSTP students are required to take and pass USMLE Step 1 after successful completion of their preclerkship years and prior to the start of their Graduate School studies.  The deadline for taking and passing the Step 1 exam is 15 April of year two of the preclerkship curriculum.
  2. PSTP students are required to participate in ongoing clinical training during Graduate School studies as follows:
    1. Years 1-3: Minimum of one day every 2 months in a student run clinic (or equivalent
    2. A year prior to completion of Ph.D. requirements: One day every month in a student run clinic (or equivalent) plus 4 preceptor-observed history and physicals (as in Doctoring 2)
    3. In the 2 months prior to re-entry: Two weeks in-hospital Internal Medicine ward service plus two weeks PM&R service. 
    4. These service requirements must be documented by the appropriate Faculty preceptor.
  3. Students who are nearing completion of their Dissertation requirements will inform the PSTP program, Registrar’s Office and Clinical Curriculum Manager 6 months before their anticipated return to Medical School for their clinical coursework.  
  4. Students must complete all requirements for their Ph.D. degree awarding prior to the start of their clinical years.  The timing of the completion of graduate studies is critical in order to provide a smooth transition back to medical school.  It is also important to frequently meet with the entire dissertation committee during the last year.

    For students entering clerkships in 2014:

    March 1:
     Dissertation deadline
    March 1-21: 
    1.   Work with financial aid (Lauren Snow) to work out transition from graduate school to medical school funding.
    2.   Work with curricular support (Ryan Traynham) to schedule 3rd year clerkships and take care of requirements (i.e., CPR certification, background checks for VA)

    March 21-April 21:

    1. start spring quarter eligible to enroll in class work.
    3. get clinical assessment with standardized patient;  based on assessment, begin clinical experience for 2-3 weeks (e.g., shadowing).

    April 22-May 2:  participate in preclerkship workshop (i.e., "boot camp") with classmates and begin 3rd year clerkships.

  5. PSTP students will not receive funding for their Clinical years without completion of all requirements for the Ph.D. 
  6. Return to Clerkships: In addition to the 48 weeks of core clerkship rotations, PSTP students will be expected to complete 32 weeks of 4th year coursework in accord with current 4th year graduation requirements.  PSTP students have an exemption for the 4th year SSM/SPO requirement.
    These requirements were reviewed and approved by the CEP on 3/11/14.