Each year, the Community Health Scholars Program will accept:

  • 6-8 ACE-PC students
  • 8-12 Rural-PRIME students
  • 8-12 REACH-PRIME students
  • 6-8 TEACH-MS students

All Community Health Scholars applicants must meet UC Davis School of Medicine (SOM) admissions requirements and be admitted into the UC Davis SOM before they can be accepted into a Community Health Scholars program.

To Apply

  1. All applicants must apply to the UC Davis School of Medicine (UCDSOM) through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) by October 1. 
  2. Applicants invited to complete the UCDSOM Secondary Application will have an opportunity to indicate their interest in one or more of the Community Health Scholars (CHS) programs in the Secondary Application.
  3. Applicants accepted into the UCDSOM will then be screened by the CHS Program Directors of the programs to which they applied. Qualified applicants will be invited for a CHS program-specific interview in January or February.
  4. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into a CHS program by mid-March. 

For more information, visit the UC Davis School of Medicine Admissions page.