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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine

Ph.D. programs in social sciences and humanities


The Department of Psychology offers graduate study in three major areas: psychobiology (physiological and comparative psychology), social-personality, and perception and cognition. Developmental psychology is represented in all three areas. Specific areas of interest include ontogeny and adaptive significance of behavior, cognitive mapping in childhood, language and self concept development, visual perception, consciousness, learning and memory, language processing, cross-cultural studies of personality, psychology of gender, development, maturation and decline of visual and auditory senses, behavioral and hormonal interactions, social cognition, environmental psychology, cultural correlates of social change, and the social construction of emotion. (Related Site.)


The aim of the dual M.D./Ph.D. (Statistics) program is to provide physicians with research qualifications in statistics and biostatistics at the Ph.D. level. While there are excellent opportunities for such individuals, only a few people so far have this combination of degrees. The emphasis of the statistical curriculum for candidates in this program will be in biostatistics and medical statistics; a solid theoretical background as well as data analysis, consulting and computing skills are to be acquired as well.