Opportunities at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Medical Technolocy Program

The Medical Technology Program offers medical device research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as part of a broadly-based program in the biosciences that encompasses several disciplines across the laboratory. Essentially, all of the medical device research is centered in the Medical Technology Program, which enables cost-effective treatment for acute stroke, cancer detection and therapy, diabetes treatment and diagnostics, and therapy for other prevalent diseases of national importance. The program is a collaboration among Engineering, Defense and Nuclear Technologies (DNT) and Laser Programs. .

Biology and Biotechnology Research Program

The Biology and Biotechnology Research Program is focused on three strategic thrust areas: genomics; disease susceptibility and prevention; and bioengineering research. These thrust areas provide a set of core compentencies and a foundation for our laboratory-wide strategic plan in the biosciences.


The goal of the Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory PEREGRINE Program is to improve the effectiveness of radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer and to enable new treatment modalities well into the 21st century. PEREGRINE combines state-of-the-art Monte Carlo radiation transport techniques and the most comprehensive nuclear and atomic databases available to produce the highest accuracy 3-dimensional dose calculations for all forms of radiation therapy.