Improving high blood pressure with the use of technology

Better Blood Pressue poster presentersHealth Management and Education presented a poster abstract at the UC Davis Health Professional Governance Celebration on November 1st 2017.
The poster, titled Better Blood Pressure - Improving Hypertension with the use of Technology and an Enhanced Care Team (pdf)  showcases the results of our Better Blood Pressure Program. The 12 week program is a multidisciplinary team based face to face and webinar group education model with concurrent medication support from the program pharmacist. The education and pharmacist support focuses on healthy lifestyle and medication management to improve health and reduce risks for those with not yet controlled high blood pressure. Participants receive a free wireless blood pressure monitor and are taught to monitor at home. Blood pressure readings become viewable in the electronic medical record in real time to assist with quick interventions and medication recommendations.
Education and open communication with your healthcare team are important steps to improve your blood pressure, reduce your risk of complications, and maximize your overall health and wellness.

If you are a UC Davis Health patient and are interested in learning more about the Better Blood Pressure Program, please call 916-734-0718.