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Health Management and Education

Health Management and Education

Getting the most from your medical appointment

Before the appointment:

Since you are in charge of your diabetes, it is important that you are prepared when you visit your diabetes care team. Make the most of the appointment by preparing a list of questions and current medications (with dosages) ahead of time. The Medication Profile is available for your use.

At the appointment: 

While you are waiting in the exam room, remove your shoes and stockings so your provider may examine your feet during the appointment. Also, set your list of questions and medications on the desk along with your blood sugar log and glucometer. Be sure to talk to your provider about your normal eating habits and exercise routine – these are important factors in glucose control.  Write down the goals that you and your diabetes care team create. Discuss with your provider any diabetes classes you might want to attend. Update your Diabetes Health Record and schedule your follow up appointment before you leave.

After the appointment: 

Review the information and goals discussed during your appointment. Post your new health goals in a place you can see everyday such as on your bathroom mirror or computer. Use the tool My Experiment to help you more effectively design your health goal.