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Health Management and Education

Health Management and Education

Stress Management

This is a 2-hour workshop focusing on exploring approaches to managing stress.  Ideal for those with chronic conditions that are being affected by the stress in their lives.  

The workshop includes:

  • Discussion of the causes and effects of stress
  • Practice in calming breathing exercises
  • Learning mind-quieting meditation techniques
  • Doing gentle body movements and stretches that help reduce stress

The classes are open to UC Davis Health System Patients and Employees. These classes are offered in the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center (Ellison Building) in Sacramento. Please view the class schedule then contact your doctor’s office or call (916) 734-0718 to sign up.


Class Schedule






August 25 Folsom Tues 5-7 pm Conference Room
September 16 Sacramento Wed 9-11 am 3630 Business Dr.
October 29 Roseville Thurs 9-11 am Conference Room
November 16 Sacramento Mon 2-4 pm 3630 Business Dr.
December 10 Sacramento Thurs 2-4 pm 3630 Business Dr.