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Health Management and Education

Health Management and Education

Getting the most from your medical appointment

Before the appointment:

Being prepared for your provider appointment is a significant part of your asthma self-management. Additionally, providing important information can assist your doctor to better assess if your asthma is under control. By answering key questions you can help your provider better understand the specific ways asthma affects you.  Take time to consider the following and prepare notes to take to the appointment:

  • What are your asthma triggers and have they changed since last visit?
  • How often do you experience asthma symptoms and what are they?
  • When do symptoms occur?  At night, during the day, both?
  • How do you treat your symptoms? How often have you used your rescue inhaler?
  • Does your asthma ever prevent you from doing daily activities?
  • How many times have you missed work or school since your last visit?
  • How many visits to emergency room or urgent care for asthma have you made since your last visit?

The Asthma Control Test is a useful tool to describe your asthma control to your doctor. The Asthma Control Test is available for your use.

At the appointment:

Discussing asthma control with your doctor is key to your asthma management.  Review your answers to the above questions or your Asthma Control Test with your provider during the appointment.  Also, discuss your list of current medications (over the counter and prescription) with your provider as well as any peak flow measurements you have recorded since your last visit.  Lastly, leave your appointment with an action plan, your options, and an understanding of how to use your medications for better asthma control.