The VC LGBTQ+ Advisory Council provides recommendations to the Vice Chancellor to help assess, plan, develop, implement, improve, and refine efforts toward meaningful LGBTQ+ initiatives within UC Davis Health.

UC Davis Health has been named first academic health system in the country to incorporate SO/GI as standard demographic elements within the electronic health records.

The VC's LGBTQ+ Advisory Council recognizes the growing need to collect information on sexual orientation and gender identity (SO/GI) in reducing health disparities in the LGBT community.

Council efforts closely align with the US Department of Health and Human Services initiatives for improving LGBT health. In 2013, Secretary Seblius formalized actions to improve the health and well-being of LGBT communities, advocating for the inclusion of SO/GI questions on the 2013 national interview survey.


June is pride month!

Upcoming events:

Tuesday, June 19th

VC LGBTQ+ Advisory Council monthly meeting
5 p.m. Questions? Contact Rebecca Moncada, MS

Thursday, June 21st

Transgender work group meeting
12 p.m. Questions? Contact Rebecca Moncada, MS

Thursday, June 21st

12 p.m. UC Davis Diversity and Inclusion Dialogue Series, "Two Spirit, Talking Circles in Native American Cultures"
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