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Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Latino Aging Research Resource Center Scholars and Projects

Laura Castro-Schilo, Ph.D.
Cognitive Health Benefits of Positive Emotions for Elder Mexican Americans
This project seeks to identify factors that deflect cognitive impairments and decline by focusing on positive psychological processes that improve mental and physical health and can be used to implement intervention programs for Mexican-origin elders.

Luis G. Carvajal Carmona, Ph.D.
Identification of Genetic Variants Influencing Cognitive Function using a Genome-Wide Association Study
This project aims to use a genome-wide association study (GWAS) to identify genetic variants that influence variation in cognitive phenotypes and endophenotypes in the Latino SALSA cohort. We will genotype, with genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) arrays, ~400 subjects from our community based diversity SALSA cohort for whom DNA samples are available.

Reymundo Lozano, M.D.
The aging effects differences in Latinos and Caucasians with the premutation of FMR1 gene
This pilot aims to phenotype the clinical, psychological, psychiatric and molecular profiles of Latino premutation adults who we have been already identified in our GP study, and to make a comparison with Caucasian premutation adults who have been already phenotype and genotype in our GP study. We also aim to analyze the genetic admixture that could influence the phenotype differences on the Latino participants.