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Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Latino Aging Research Resource Center Scholars and Projects

Susan Ramirez

A. Susana Ramírez , Ph.D.
Innovative application of communication theory to increase Latino research participation
This project addresses the challenge of communicating in a culturally appropriate manner with caregivers of aging Latinos. Specifically, we will collect data to create a culturally tailored peer navigator intervention to enhance decision-making among caregivers of Latino patients with dementia who experience neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS).


Mariaelena Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Mariaelena Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Understanding Oral Health Disparities in the Merced County
This project seeks to identify oral-health related factors that may contribute to the risk of cognitive impairment among Latinos in rural, low-income counties, through the use of a community-based survey. A growing body of literature has documented the relationship between tooth loss, periodontal disease, and cognitive impairment.

Oanh Meyer

Oanh Meyer, Ph.D.
Acculturation Influences on Caregiving Intervention Outcomes in REACH II
Although the older population will increase among all racial and ethnic groups, the Latino older population is expected to grow the fastest, adding to the number of Latinos diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Caregiving for someone with dementia is associated with a variety of poor outcomes, and this burden may be even greater for Latino caregivers, thus exacerbating existing health disparities for this group.