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Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Latino Aging Research Resource Center Scholars and Projects


Lorena Garcia, PhD
The Impact of Neighborhood Context on Older Latino’s Chronic Health Status
This pilot will examine the impact of neighborhood context on older Latinos’ risk of diabetes.

Carolina Apesoa-Varano, MA, PhD
Social Capital and Ethnicity: A Qualitative Longitudinal Study of Caregiving Experience, Burden,
and Reward among Alzheimer’s Disease Latina Caregivers
This longitudinal qualitative study aims to describe how social capital and ethnicity impact
Latina caregivers’ experiences and perceptions of burden and rewards in caring for
someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Sarah Tomaszewski-Farias, PhD
Development of a Community-Based Cognitive Enrichment Intervention to Promote
Cognitive Health in Latino Older Adults
This pilot study will examine the barriers and benefits of participating in community
volunteerism to improve cognitive health among ethnic groups.

Dawnte Early, PhD
Life experience modifiers of late life cognitive trajectories
This pilot project will develop specific measures of life history variables that are potential modifiers
of cognitive trajectories in late life and investigate the effect of these variables on late life cognition
in cross sectional and longitudinal models. The basic hypothesis is that experiences in childhood
and young/middle adulthood modify cognitive function in late life.