Dr. Vineeta Chand is a lecturer in sociolinguistics and a researcher within the Centre for Research in Language Development throughout the Lifespan at the University of Essex, UK. Her research broadly explores the relationship between socio-cultural and cognitive factors on language development and change at the individual and community level in two areas:  linguistic and communicative changes associated with dementia, and diachronic language development and changes in multilingual repertoires in northern India. Dr. Chand received her PhD in Linguistics from UC Davis, and completed her postdoctoral training in the Department of Neurology, UC Davis.  

Sunshine Rote is an assistant professor at the Raymond A. Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. Dr. Rote’s research focuses on the social patterning of health and health-related behaviors with a special emphasis on the Mexican-origin population. Her recent research utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data to describe the sources of stress and resiliency within Latino caregiver stress processes. Dr. Rote received her PhD in Sociology from Florida State University and completed her postdoctoral training at the University of Texas Medical Branch in the Sealy Center on Aging.  

Adriana Perez is an assistant Professor of Nursing and Senior Fellow, at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing.  He research promoting healthy aging in older Latinas has been funded by the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE), NIH/NINR individual NRSA, National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurses, and St. Luke’s Health Initiative. As a result of her work and because of the high relevance to environmental health policy, she was selected as a Congressional/Health and Aging Policy Fellow (2011-2013)supported by the Atlantic Philanthropies and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Dr. Perez is a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner, a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and serves as chair of the Academy’s Expert Panel on Aging. She received her PhD from Arizona State University, College of Nursing & Health Innovation where she also completed a Claire M. Fagin Postdoctoral Fellowship, funded by the NHCGNE.