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Laser Vision Correction Services

Laser Vision Correction Services

Health information

Are you a candidate for vision correction surgery?

You may be a candidate for vision correction if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old,
  • Have eyes free from retinal problems, cataracts or certain other eye diseases,
  • Are not pregnant,
  • Do not have severe diabetes or an autoimmune disease, and
  • Have the appropriate refractive error.

What causes distorted or blurred vision?

Distorted or blurred vision results from problems with the way the human eye bends and focuses light. The cornea, or "window" of your eye, enables you to see by focusing, or refracting, light through the lens onto the retina. The retina converts the light rays into impulses and sends them to your brain where they are recognized as images. When the cornea and lens do not focus the rays precisely on the retina, there is a "refractive error," and the image you see is unclear.

Innovative eye surgeries now make it possible to improve the eye's natural focus safely and effectively by reshaping the surface of the cornea. The result — clearer vision.

Are there risks involved?

As a prospective patient, you should know that laser vision correction, or refractive, surgical procedures involve some degree of risk. But the results can be dramatic — the chance to experience a new kind of visual freedom.

The next step to clearer vision

Sign up for a free seminar

Sign up to attend one of our upcoming free seminars. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions and meet the UC Davis laser vision correction team who will help you determine if laser vision correction surgery is right for you. For more information, please choose from the options below: