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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Research interests

Albertson, Timothy  
Neurotoxicology; neuropharmacology; hippocampal slice model; kindled amygdaloid seizure model; clinical pharmacology/drug trials; clinical poisonings; critical care/ventilator management; sepsis and septic shock.

Allen, Roblee P.
Critical care: interventional bronchoscopy, to include laser and photo therapy and also bronchoscopic lung volume reduction procedures, transplant and pulmonary vascular disease

Avdalovic, Mark 
His research interests are with the molecular mechanism of vascular remodeling in chronic lung diseases, and uses novel animal models of chronic asthma as the basis for researching these molecular mechanisms.

Bonekat, H. William
Pulmonary function and sleep apnea; pulmonary/neuromuscular disorders.

Chan, Andrew L.
Interstitial lung disease, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and interventional bronchoscopy.

Cross, Carroll E.
Inhalation toxicology; air pollution; oxidants; free-radicals. Oxides of nitrogen including nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, peroxynitrite, white cell oxidants; ozone.

Gohil, Kishorchandra
Oxidative stress and global gene expression; role of dietary antioxidants on the regulation of transcription.

Goldkorn, Tzipora
Research interests stress modulation of tyrosine kinase receptors, sphingomyelin pathways and apoptosis in normal and malignant epithelial cells, sphingolipids as regulators of novel mechanisms in signal transduction; ceramide as an endogenious regulator of apoptosis and growth suppression; ceramide target proteins: isolation cloning and characterization; fumonisins elerangement of ceramide metabolism in primary and transformed epithelia cells.

Hardin, Kimberly
Dr. Hardin's research has been focused on sleep disturbances in the ICU and outcomes in COPD with an original, clinical investigation on sleep and sedation in critically ill patients who received neuromuscular blocking agents. 

Harper, Richart W.
Biological response of airway epithelium to environmental oxidants and inflammation; oxidant effects on signaling; function of NADPH oxidases in the lung; molecular mechanisms responsible for airway host defense against bacterial infection; role of IL-17 in airway host defense.

Kenyon, Nicholas
Asthma; mechanisms of airway inflammation and fibrosis, the biological role of nitric oxide, non-invasive markers of asthma; COPD; Environmental health.

Last, Jerold
Mouse ovalbumin model of asthma.  Use of knockout mice to examine role of NO in lung injury and repair.  Biochemistry; toxicology; lung structure and function; lung disease; protein synthesis; protein structure; air pollution; collagen; ozone; fibrosis; molecular biology, DNA, RNA; monoclonal antibodies; polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Louie, Samuel
Antioxidant interventions in oxidative lung injury; effects of lung nutrition in oxidative lung injury; free radical mechanisms in lung injury; pulmonary rehabilitation; asthma; COPD.

Morrissey, Brian
Dr. Morrissey is active in translational research with the focus on chronic lung infections.  His research relates directly to his clinical work with cystic fibrosis patients as well as patients with asthma, mycobacterial infections and tobacco-related diseases. 

Murin, Susan
Smoking and the lung; pulmonary thrombo-embolism; cost-effectiveness.

Parsons, Gibbe
Pulmonary: pulmonary vascular disease and physiology, respiratory therapy, intensive care, bronchial circulation; exercise induced and asthma.  Managed care.  Medical staff administration; graduate medical education; risk management; continuing medical education.

Sandrock, Christian
Emerging infection diseases in the ICU, Avian & Pandemic Influenza, public health and infectious diseases prevention, zoonotic disease transmission to humans.

Stollenwerk, Nicholas
Education and clinical medicine. Improving clinical education and quality patient care through academic study by continually improving clinical education, in the inpatient and ICU setting, through innovative curriculum development and more effective teaching.

Tharratt, R. Steven
Medical management of chemical/biological terrorism and hazardous materials exposures; pre-hospital care, including emergency medical services, fire operations, special operations and tactical medicine; Clinical Research Design and Epidemiology; management and treatment of severe respiratory failure in both adults and children; innovations in the field of mechanical ventilation; and, physiological effects of drugs of abuse, with particular emphasis on cocaine analogs and amphetamine derivatives.

Wu, Reen
Asthma:  Regulation of airway mucosal immunity and the role of IL-17 in mucous cell metaplasia.  Mucous cell metaplasia:  Transcriptional regulation, epigenetic regulation by retinoid and smoke, and inflammatory response. Stem cells and airway regenerative medicine:  Embryonic stem cell culture and differentiation, epigenetic process and the response to smoke and mediators, cell repopulation.

Yoneda, Ken
Tobacco smoke related gene regulation in respiratory epithelial cells; high altitude, sepsis, ARDS; idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.