Research Opportunities

Clinical and basic science research opportunities are widespread in the University of California, Davis. Our fellows have participated in studies spanning from basic biology investigations to clinical interventional trials. Collaborations have ranged from the UC Davis School of Engineering to the California National Primate Research Center to the UC Davis Children's Hospital.

Each fellow will work with a mentor and the program director to develop a customized creative/research curriculum. Collaborations are typically within and among division faculty and established faculty collaborators from the main campus. Training beyond the basic levels is available in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, immunology, clinical research, and informatics.

First year fellows receive 4-6 weeks of research time, and each subsequent year the amount of research time increases. Fellows have the option to take an additional year of research to work on an independent project or pursue additional degree training through UC Davis. Programs available to fellows include a Master's of Advanced Studies in Clinical Research and a Master's in Public Health.

All fellows involved in basic and clinical research have the assistance of experienced researchers in the division, as well as resources through the UC Davis National Institutes of Health Funded Clinical Research Center.

Fellow Publications since 1993 (.pdf)