Conferences and Didactics

Fellows' Conference

Faculty and fellows gather once a week for the program's main didactic session. Focused on case-based teaching, the presenters come from the core Pulmonary and Critical Care faculty, other UC Davis Medical Center faculty, as well as visiting lecturers.

Chest Conference

Fellows present recent cases to fellows and faculty members. In the discussion that ensues, the faculty focuses not only on possible diagnoses, but also illustrates their thought processes in approaching different diagnoses.

Fellows' Journal Club

Once a month, the fellows gather to discuss recently published literature relating to pulmonary and/or critical care topics.

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

Once a month, the Pulmonary and Critical Care faculty and fellows meet with colleagues from Surgical Critical Care, Trauma Surgery, Pediatric Critical Care, and Burn to discuss recent articles relating to critical care topics.

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Technology

A case-based conference aimed at increasing the fellows' skills and knowledge of common pulmonary diagnostic tools, including x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, and PFTs.

Multidisciplinary Ethics Conference

Along with residents, fellows, and faculty in Trauma Surgery and Hospice and Palliative Medicine, this conference discusses ethical questions and topics raised by current cases presented by Critical Care fellows.

Fellows Research Meeting

A bi-weekly lab-style meeting in which fellows share their recent progress and short-term goals with research-focused faculty members and other fellows.

Lung Pathology

Lead by a pathologist, this conference focuses on current cases that the Pulmonary and Critical Care fellows are working on. Basic lung pathology is identified and discussed.

Lung Research Day

Annually, the division hosts a day-long conference on Lung-Research, which brings together individuals from both the main UC Davis campus, as well as other academic departments in the School of Medicine.