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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Hospitalist program


  1. Provide a leadership role in quality assurance and implementation
  2. Reduce medical errors and improve patient safety by
    • Decreasing regional variation through the implementation of a shared baseline for the management of various disease processes based on most recent evidence and current best practice
    • Being intimately involved in the development and deployment of an electronic medical record
    • Facilitating and emphasizing communication across a spectrum of environments and health care providers
  3. Provide outstanding education/mentoring to medical students and residents on principles of hospital based medicine
  4. Develop and implement quality improvement initiatives for the UC Davis Health System

Program characteristics

  • 24-hour per day availability for evaluation of admissions from emergency room as well as outside referrals of patients
  • 24-hour per day in-house availability to address ongoing needs of our patients
  • Immediate, easy access to our medical staff and primary care locations for hospital referrals
  • Participate in both faculty-only services and traditional inpatient teaching medical-ward services
  • Familiar and consistent approach to medical care
  • Providing continuity of care for hospitalized patient as well as consistent communication to the patient's primary care provider
  • Efficient, compassionate, high quality medical care

Hospitalist section team

Mithu Molla, M.D. - Section Chief
Anna Agarkova, M.D.
Paul Aronowitz, M.D.
Joanna Baginski, M.D.
Anthony Bhe, M.D.
Ru Cai, M.D.
Basil Chang, D.O.
Florence Chau-Etchepare, M.D.
Catherine Chia, M.D.
Wendy Chu, M.D.
Amisha Desai, M.D.
Raminder Gill, M.D.
Hershan Johl, M.D.
Karnjit Johl, M.D.
Pouria Kashkouli, M.D.
Elena Kret-Sudjian, M.D.
John (Jack) MacMillan, M.D. 
Ranganathan Madhavan, M.D.
Janice Park, M.D.
Barr Petersen, M.D.
Voltaire Sinigayan, M.D.
Jia Wang, M.D. 
J. Nicholas Welch, M.D.

Monica Clapp
Hospitalist Section Office Coordinator
Tel: (916) 734-7506
Fax: (916) 734-4810