The University of California, Davis (UCD) AIDS Education & Training Center (AETC) was initiated in 1987 through a federal grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The national AETC network aims to increase the numbers of well-trained healthcare professionals working with HIV-infected persons; assist in removing barriers to primary care access; and respond to the needs of emerging populations as well as to changing faces of the epidemic. The UCD AETC area of responsibility includes 25 northern California geographic counties, many of which are rural.  The UCD AETC mission is to provide healthcare professionals with state of the art clinical knowledge and skills necessary to treat and provide optimal care for individuals infected with HIV in urban, suburban and rural areas. The UCD AETC also focuses on building local capacity for HIV care at underserved sites.

The UCD AETC offers an array of HIV/AIDS clinical training and capacity building activities, including didactic seminars, workshops, conferences, preceptorship, clinical mentoring, clinical consultations, and telehealth programs (PDF).  Our ongoing trainings include clinical preceptorships/mentorships for healthcare professionals working in underserved ethnic health clinics, rural community healthcare clinics, and correctional facilities.  Furthermore, we recently received funding from the CA State Office of AIDS to implement expanded HIV testing in the UCD Medical Center Emergency Department.  This partnership, along with support from the Center for AIDS Research, Education, & Services (CARES) and other community agencies, is a continuous effort to deter the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing optimal treatment, research and education.  The combination of the UCD AETC program and CARES presents a dynamic opportunity to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals serving HIV-infected individuals. 

The UCD AETC faculty members are recognized clinical care HIV/AIDS experts, and include physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, and pharmacists.  For further details regarding training opportunities, please contact the AETC at 916-734-3365.

TangJudy (Judy) Vang, MSW, PhD
Phone: 916-734-3365
Fax: 916-734-7766

Sarah Waldman, MD
Medical Lead
Phone: 916-734-8032
Fax: 916-734-7766

4150 V Street, PSSB, G-500
Sacramento, CA 95742

Clinical Mentoring

If you or your clinic are interested in increasing your HIV knowledge and skills, please contact Judy Vang for further detail - 916-734-3365 or


The University of California Davis AETC offers education and training programs specifically designed for:

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Other health care professionals