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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Stella Jones Supports Internal Medicine

Stella JonesPensioner Stella Jones has given generously of her retirement income through the years to further the mission of Internal Medicine. She is one of the few donors to contribute to the Faith Fitzgerald Education Fund, to cancer research, and to the Golden 1 Fund for medical education.

Stella, the last of 11 children, was born in Fremont, Missouri, where her parents, Calvin and Nancy Lane, were farmers. They taught her about philanthropy from an early age.

“My parents were giving people. We didn’t have a lot but my family helped people in need. As farmers we always gave food to neighbors who didn’t have enough. For many years my Dad was the only person for miles who had a car, so when someone was sick he would take them to the doctor. My parents taught me that when you have more, you share,” said Jones.

Stella’s husband, Bill, who died of cancer in 1975, was a decorated World War II veteran. She praises the cancer research and education programs led by Dr. Fred Meyers, professor and chair of Internal Medicine. Jones enjoys quilting, cooking, having fun with her seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren, and collecting teddy bears.

Stella, whose name means “star” in Italian, shines brightly as a paragon of generosity.