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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

deLeuze Family Supports Discovery of a Non-toxic Cure for Lymphoma

deLeuze FamilyNapa winemaker Norman deLeuze and his family saw great promise in research projects led by UC Davis Internal Medicine’s oncologist Joseph Tuscano, M.D.

Norman deLeuze was a man accustomed to chasing big dreams. By donating $313,000 for a UC Davis Health System endowment, his philanthropic passions are making a positive difference.

His wife, Rosa Lee, and children, Brett, Julie and Robert, have continued to perpetuate Norman’s memory after his passing by raising an additional $294,000 to support this meaningful cause through support from ZD Wines and donations from close friends.

“Norman deLeuze, founder of ZD Wines, was a successful Napa Valley entrepreneur and world-class winemaker. One of his most significant legacies is what he did during his lifetime as a lymphoma patient and generous philanthropist to help find nontraditional approaches to treating his disease. His family carries on that dream with their endowment,” says Joseph Tuscano, M.D.