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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Resident Scholarly Activity

At UC Davis, all residents are encouraged to pursue clinical research opportunities. Scholarship is a core mission of internal medicine and residents who become involved in research projects reap many potential benefits including: exploration of an academic career, development of credentials to bolster their fellowship application, and nurturing intellectual curiosity.  We have developed a structured research curriculum that has substantially enhanced the scholarly successes of our trainees as evidenced by resident publications, and regional and national presentations. In our experience, successful resident projects are conducted over a one-to two-year period, rather than during an isolated 4-week elective experience. (Reference) All resident research activities are coordinated by Dr. Tonya Fancher Research Director, Dr. Ted Wun Fellowship Director, and the Research Chief  RResident.

Each intern rotates through a 3-week research immersion experience, the Intern Research Block. Through structured experiences at the new Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC), interns learn the basics of research methodology and study design, and develop a formal research plan. This center was established in 2006 by a $25 million NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award.

Residents interested in becoming laboratory-based investigators are encouraged to apply to the ABIM Subspecialty Research Pathway during their second year. Residency program graduates may apply to the Mentored Clinical Research Training Program (K-30), which offers training in basic science or patient oriented research, or the Primary Care Outcomes Research Fellowship, which trains generalist clinician scholars. Please see the attached biography of a recent graduate who completed the K-30 program concurrently with his gastroenterology fellowship.All residents are encouraged and given financial support to present their scholarly projects at the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians and any other national meetings.  We hope these activities will encourage residents to consider careers in patient-oriented research to address the national shortage of clinical investigators. 

Each IM resident conducts CQI project focusing on some aspect of health care improvement in their patient population. Mentors for residents projects are provided from the Division of General Medicine and The Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care. The Center has conducted numerous studies addressing public health policy and primary health care delivery including but not limited to:

  • Developing models to estimate the total national costs for occupational illness and injury
  • Evaluating an intervention to prevent violence in high risk youth and adults
  • Assessing how consumers, payers, and providers respond to the public release of hospital outcomes data.
  • Researching the causes and prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes among Hispanic women.
  • Exploring relationships between the process of care and risk-adjusted hospital outcomes for acute myocardial infartion, hip fracture, and birth.
  • Evaluating a program designed to provide health care for medically indigent residents of transitional housing.

The Division of General Medicine is a multidisciplinary group led by Dr. Richard White, an international expert on the diagnosis and treatment of venous thromboembolism. The Division leads several active clinical and research programs including:

  • Anticoagulation therapy
  • Clinical trials research
  • General medicine consultation
  • Women's health
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Clinical education
  • Health services outreach
  • Geriatrics and healthy aging
  • Quality of care assessment
  • Osteoporosis

The DGIM also jointly sponsors an academic primary care fellowship for residents interested in academic general internal medicine careers, the Primary Care Outcomes Research (PCOR) fellowship, which is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration and directed by Dr. Patrick S. Romano.


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