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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Preliminary Internal Medicine Internship Program

IM Interns

The one-year UC Davis Preliminary Internal Medicine Internship provides a solid foundation for further training in non-internal medicine specialties such as dermatology, radiology, anesthesiology, neurology, ophthalmology, radiation oncology and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

UC Davis has 5 preliminary medicine interns each year.  Two of these positions are reserved for the UC Davis Neurology Categorical Residency Program and are filled through their match process. The remaining 3 positions are open to all applicants and are filled through our Match (the prelim program has its own match number).

Preliminary interns have a nearly identical experience to the internal medicine categorical intern--the main exceptions being that they lack a continuity clinic experience and they do not do our intern night float rotation.  These experiences were stopped based on feedback from prior preliminary interns of a lack of value for their future endeavors.   Highlights of the current prelim year schedule include:

  • 8 weeks of ambulatory rotations including urgent care clinic, subspecialty medicine clinics, weekly journal clubs, ECG and Evidence-Based Medicine seminars
  • Inpatient rotations at UCD, VA, and Kaiser including cardiology, ICU, hematology/oncology, and general internal medicine services
  • ER and elective time for all interns
  • 4 weeks of vacation plus 5 days off at the end of the year
  • Schedules are adjusted to meet requirements for the future training of our prelims.  For example, schedules for those going into anesthesia are adjusted to meet the anesthesiology requirement of 1 month of both ER and ICU experiences in internship.
  • Prelim interns can participate in our intern research curriculum and start working on research projects during internship.

Preliminary interns are expected to participate in all of the same didactics, seminars, journal clubs, and social events that the program has to offer.

I am confident that our preliminary interns leave our program with strong clinical skills that will serve them well in their next stage of training. Those staying on at UC Davis for their advanced training find the relationships that they developed with internal medicine residents and faculty very valuable in their future roles.  The friendships developed can last a lifetime.

The application requirements for the preliminary program can be found here.  For those selected for an interview, we have specific preliminary internship interview days from November through January.

If you have any questions, please call (916) 734-7087/7080 or e-mail us at