residents graduated

This is the list of our residents who are currently applying for fellowship (for the December 2016 Match)

IM Resident Specialty  Program/location
Chang, Alison Hematology/Oncology UCLA
Chen, Lily Cardiology UC Davis
Cocciardi, Steven Pulmonary/Critical Care Cooper Hospital- University Med Center-NJ
Dempsey, Timothy Pulmonary/Critical Care Mayo Clinic
Farid, Amir Cardiology UC Davis
Kern, Anna Geriatrics UCLA
Khaira, Kavita Cardiology Indiana University
Kuo, Alexander Gastroenterology UC Davis
Lang, Anna Allergy/Immunology University of Wisconsin
Mann, Sarabdeep Gastroenterology University of Arizona
Mantri, Neha Cardiology Kaiser San Francisco
McCabe, Patrick Gastroenterology California Pacific Med Center
McClain, John Pulmonary/Critical Care UCSF-Fresno
Minter, Janelle               Palliative Care Stanford
Pinon-Gutierrez, Rogelio Gastroenterology/Research University of Illinois
Singh, Kanal Infectious Diseases National Institutes of Health

Here are our Match Results for the past few years:

IM Resident Specialty  Program/location
Aman, Edris Cardiology UC Davis
Beck, Emily Pulmonary/Critical Care Univeristy of Utah
Bui, Albert Geriatrics UCLA
Chandrasekar, Divya Palliative Care Stanford
Chau-Etchepare, Flo Pulmonary/Critical Care UC Davis
Chen, Justin Nephrology UC Davis
Cheney, Amy Cardiology University of Washington
El-Khoury, Bashir Nephrology UT San Antonio
Gilroy, Meghan Gastroenterology University of Utah
Hersh, Andrew Pulmonary/Critical Care University of Utah
Ho, Gwendolyn Hematology/Oncology UC Davis
Johnson, Victoria General Medicine Research University of Washington
Levy, Robert Gastroenterology UC Davis
Hutchins, May-Ling Hematology/Oncology Scripps San Diego 
Lam, Francis Pulmonary/Critical Care      UC Davis
Lin, Patrick Hematology/Oncology UC Davis
Mittal, Mohit             Gastroenterology UC Irvine
Park, Janice Nephrology UC San Diego
Reed, Matthew Pain Medicine UC Davis
Sab, Shiv Cardiology UC San Diego
Shaw, Tiffany Palliative Care Cedars Sinnai
Singh, Sital Gastroenterology UC Davis 
Parikh, Mamta Hematology/Oncology UC Davis
Rao, Usha Pulmonary/Critical Care UT Southwestern
Ross, Naomi Primary Care Kaiser South Sacramento
Shenoy, Casie Hematology/Oncology  Scripps
Singh, Satinder Cardiology University of Arizona
Stripe, Benjamin Cardiology UC Davis
Waldman, Sarah Infectious Disease UC Davis 
Wettersten, Nicholas Cardiology  UC San Diego 
Price, David Pulmonary/Critical Care        Columbia Univeristy       
Yung, Victoria  Gastroenterology UC Davis 

Where are they now?

The list below shows what residents have done after residency, including fellowships and jobs.  As you can see, our residents have an outstanding track record of matching into subspecialty training programs, including the most competitive fields and at top programs. Most of our residents match into their first choice for their fellowship training.

This list also gives a good idea of what you can do after graduating from our program – which is just about anything !   There is a great balance of subspecialists, hospitalists, and primary care physicians working in a wide variety of practice settings—rural, urban, university, community, and VA.   Many of our graduates have gone on to be clinician-educators for medical schools and residency training programs, while others are now successful faculty researchers and educators.

Those marked with ** indicates that they are currently in a faculty teaching position.

Fellowship placements are highlighted in yellow.


Graduate Specialty  Program/location
Abdin, Elizabeth Primary Care Sutter, Davis
Bahar, Runalia Hospitalist Emory University**
Bajaj, Chhavi Hospitalist Oakland California
Bui, Albert* Geriatrics UCLA
Cheney, Amy* Cardiology University of Washington
Del Mundo, Serena Hospitalist Oahu, Hawaii
Diaz, Gerald Hospitalist UC Davis**
Erickson, Kyle Hospitalist Kaiser Roseville
Fan, Jennifer Hospitalist UC Davis**
Kern, Anne Hospitalist Kaiser Sacramento
Malone, Jessica Primary Care Alaska
Mangrola, Devna Primary Care Kaiser Fair Oaks
Mariano, Melissa Hospitalist Kaiser, Sacramento**
Marshall, Kristen Primary Care Reno, Nevada
Lee, Jensine Primary Care UC Davis
Ramirez, Erika Primary Care Kaiser, Southern California
Shaw, Tiffany Palliative Care UCLA-Cedar Sinai
Strum, Ashley Primary Care Alaska
Strum, Mike Primary Care Alaska
Tran, Minh-Chi Hospitalist Stanford
Wang, Tianyi Hospitalist UC Davis**
Mohammadi, Madina Hospitalist UC Davis**
Najafi, Shaheen Hospitalist UC Davis**
Yang, Clara Hospitalist UC Davis**
Yu, Michelle Hospitalist Kaiser Bay Area
Yu, Angie PC/Psychiatrist Kaiser Sacramento
Maye, Aleea PC/Psychiatrist Virginia

*Chief Resident 2015-2016


Graduate Specialty  Program/location
Ahn, Jennifer Hospitalist Kaiser, Southern California
Bautista, Christopher Primary Care UCSF
Beck, Emily Pulmonary/Critical Care University of Utah
Bui, Albert Chief Resident UC Davis**
Chandrasekar, Divya Palliative Care Stanford
Chen, Jennifer Primary Care UC Davis
Chen, Justin Nephrology UC Davis
Cheney, Amy Chief Resident UC Davis**
Duong, Theresa Hospitalist UC Davis**
El-Khoury, Bashir Nephrology SAMMC
Gallardo, George Palliative Care UC Davis
Gilroy, Meghan Gastroenterology Univeristy of Utah
Heiman, Erica Primary Care Kaiser, Sacramento
Hutchins, Irene May-Ling Hematology/Oncology Scripps
Iqbal, Zahid Hematology/Oncology UC Davis 
Jackson, TaiJuana Primary Care Elk Grove Urgent Care
Kadakia, Radhika  Primary Care Kaiser, Sacramento
Kelley, Alyn Primary Care Kaiser, Roseville
Khan, Mohammad Hospitalist Kaiser, South Sacramento
Khodayari, Behnood Radiology/Oncology Kaiser LAMC
Lam, Francis Pulmonary/Critical Care UC Davis
Liu, Lulu Neurology UC Davis
Mittal, Mohit Gastroenterology UC Irvine
Mohammadi, Madina Chief Resident UC Davis**
Najafi, Shaheen Chief Resident UC Davis**
Nyaggah, Eva Hospitalist Kaiser, Riverside California
Olson, Tyson Opthalmology UC Davis
Ortiz, Jacob Cardiology Hospitalist Univeristy of Washington
Pan, Peter Neurology UC Davis
Peterson, Ashley Anesthesia Stanford
Reed, Matthew Pain Medicine UC Davis
Sab, Shiv Cardiology UC San Diego
Singh, Kanal QI Chief Resident VA Mather**
Singh, Navinderjeet Hospitalist VA Mather
Singh, Sital Gastroenterology UC Davis
Teasdale, Sara Primary Care  Sacramento County
Ward, Kathryn Primary Care  McClellan AFB


Graduate Specialty  Program/location
Aman, Edris QI Chief Resident VA Mather**
Bautista, Christopher Chief Resident UC Davis**
Beck, Emily Chief Resident UC Davis**
Chau-Etchepare, Florence Hospitalist UC Davis**
Cheng, Cathy Hospitalist Kaiser Santa Clara**
Gilroy, Meghan Chief Resident UC Davis**
Gu, Wendy Private Practice Southern California
Gundacker, Nathan Infectious Disease University of Alabama 
Hersh, Andrew Pulmonary/Critical Care University of Utah 
Ho, Gwendolyn Hematology/Oncology UC Davis 
Johnson, Victoria General Medicine Research University of Washington **
Levy, Robert Gastroenterology UC Davis 
Li, Ashley Hospitalist Kaiser South Sacramento
Lin, Patrick Hematology/Oncology UC Davis
Mayorquin, Patricia Primary Care Kaiser Southern California
Mittal, Mohit Chief Resident UC Davis**
Ngo, Quang Hospitalist Kaiser South Sacramento**
Ortega-Chen, Christina Hospitalist Kaiser South Sacramento**
Parikh, Mamta Hematology/Oncology UC Davis 
Rao, Usha Pulmonary/Critical Care UT Southwestern 
Ross, Naomi Primary Care Kaiser South Sacramento
Shenoy, Casie Hematology/Oncology Scripps 
Singh, Satinder Cardiology University of Arizona
Stripe, Benjamin Cardiology UC Davis 
Waldman, Sarah Infectious Disease UC Davis 
Wettersten, Nicholas Cardiology UC San Diego 
Yung, Victoria Gastroenterology UC Davis 
Zambrano, Stacy Primary Care  Kaiser Fremont



Graduate Specialty  Program/location
Bhe, Anthony Hospitalist  UC Davis**
Boyd, Erin Hospitalist  Mercy Hospital, Sacramento
Chia, Catherine Hospitalist  UC Davis **
Chu, Wendy Hospitalist  UC Davis **
Gilkison, Karin Gastroenterology  UT San Antonio
Gonzalez-Flores, Alicia Primary Care  UC Davis**
Gordon, Nathaniel Pulmonary/Critical Care  UC Davis
Ho, Gwendolyn* Hematology/Oncology  UC Davis
Kendle, Ryan Hematology/Oncology  UCLA
Kim, Jeanyoung Dermatology Residency  Drexel
Kopecky, Abigail Hospitalist  Sacramento VA Medical Center **
Madani, Samineh Endocrinology  UC Davis
Manglik, Shruti Hospitalist  Kaiser, Sacramento
McMahill, Clinton Primary Care/Hospitalist  Lander Medical Clinic, Wyoming
Naughton, Gregory Palliative Care  Stanford
Neaves, Brittanie Primary Care/Hospitalist  Nellis Medical Center, Nevada
Nguyen, Lam Pulmonary/Critical Care  UC Davis
Park, Janice Hospitalist  UC Davis **
Patangay, Gunjan Primary Care  Kaiser, Sacramento
Price, David Hospitalist  University of Pennsylvania **
Rao, Usha Hospitalist  Kaiser, Sacramento **
Rechenmacher, Stephen Cardiology  University of Utah
Sadikovic, Aida Primary Care  Kaiser, Oakland
San Miguel, Heather Primary Care  Kaiser, San Francisco
Sonik-Spielvogel Sonia Primary Care  Kaiser, San Francisco
Tsai, Ting Cardiology  UC Davis
Zimmerman Robert Infectious Diseases  OHSU
Hsu, David Geriatric Psychiatry  Brigham and Woman's



 Graduate  Specialty  Program/location
 Anaya, Jose  Hospitalist  Kaiser, West Los Angeles
 Balwanz, Christopher  Cardiology  University of Kansas
 Burnham, Kevin  Sports Medicine  UC Davis
 Cai, Xiao  Hospitalist  Kaiser, San Jose
 Chang, Emiley  Geriatrics  UCLA
 Clark, Guiselle  Hospitalist  UCLA **
 Desai, Amisha  Hospitalist  UC Davis **
 Eldridge, Matthey  Infectious Diseases  UC Davis
 Frye, Scott  Primary Care/Hospitalist  Nellis Medical Center, Nevada
 Gallager, Sarah  Hospitalist  Kaiser, San Francisco
 Gausewitz, Kathryn  Hospitalist  Memorial Hospital, Ventura
 Hanna, Diana  Hematology/Oncology  USC
 Heitmann, Sonya  Primary Care  Kaiser, Sacramento
 Hill, Michelle  Hospitalist  Santa Clara Valley Medical Center **
 Kuhn, Brooks  Pulmonary/Critical Care  UC Davis
 Leung, Margaret  Palliative Care  Harvard
 Mahajan, Anjlee  Hematology/Oncology  UCSF
 Mattu, Uppinder  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Sacramento **
 McCoach, Caroline  Hematology/Oncology Research Fellow  UC Davis
 Palomino, Adrian  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Vallejo
 Parikh, Dhavan  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Richards, Irina  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Vallejo
 Sinigayan, Voltaire  Primary Care/Hospitalist  UC Davis **
 Su, Henry  Infectious Diseases  UCLA/Cedars Sinai
 Tomlinson, Benjamin  Hematology/Oncology  UC Davis
 Torruellas, Cara  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Turgasen, Sarah  Primary Care  Kaiser, Sacramento


 Graduate  Specialty  Program/location
 Agarwal, Anu  Cardiology  UC Davis
 Anderson, Ivan  Cardiology  UC Davis
 Bowser, Leah  Primary Care  Kaiser, Oakland
 Brown, Sherrill  Infectious Diseases  UCLA/Cedars Sinai
 Fortenko, Olga  Pulmonary/Critical Care  Stanford
 Gelber, Steven  Primary Care  Kaiser, Santa Rosa
 Gill, Amandeep  Hematology/Oncology  UC Davis
 Gupta, Asha  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Hoang, Vunghi  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Sacramento
 Hoffman, Paul  Pulmonary/Critical Care  UC Davis
 Kwong, Norra  Endocrinology  Brigham and Women's Hospital
 Letran, Jacqueline  Emergency Care  Sacramento VA Medical Center
 Lu, Dat  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Roseville
 Patel, Rupal  General Medicine Fellowship  UC Davis **
 Paulsen, Jeffrey  Cardiology  UC Davis
 Robinson, Jeffrey  Pulmonary/Critical Care  University of Colorado
 Rubio, Rosalio  Hospitalist  Sutter Gould, Modesto
 Sanchez, Stephany  Primary Care  Sacramento County Clinics **
 Sandoval-Phillips, Teresa  Primary Care Latino Clinic  Kaiser, Sacramento
 Shah, Ruby (PC)  General Medicine Fellowship  UC Davis **
 Stondell, Jesse  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Talamantes, Efrain  Robert Wood Johnson Research Fellowship  UCLA
 Tay, You Sher  Endocrinology  UC Davis
 Witkowski, Agnieszka  Palliative Care  Stanford
 Wu, Shirley  Geriatrics  UCLA **
 Young, Janet  Nephrology  UC Davis **


 Graduate  Specialty  Program/location
 Allen, Miya  Endocrinology  UC Davis
 Cheung, Sonia  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Oakland
 Coyle, Tara  Primary Care  Kaiser, Oakland
 Deng, Holly  Primary Care  Kaiser, San Francisco
 Denman, Charles  Primary Care  Kaiser, Stockton
 Eddin, Moneer  Cardiology  UC Davis
 Gidwani, Nisha  Pulmonary/Critical Care  UC Davis
 Geidt,Chris  Hospitalist  Jefferson Healthcare, WA
 Goyal, Vishal  Cardiology  University of New Mexico
 Heo, Joline  Primary Care  Sutter, East Bay
 Lee, Bryan  Primary Care  Kaiser, Sacramento **
 Lee, Lenora  Infectious Diseases  UC Davis
 Lee, Wendy  Primary Care  UC Davis
 Leonard, Susan  Geriatrics  UCLA **
 Luman, Kyle  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Modesto
 O’Keefe, Gemma  Primary Care  Jefferson Healthcare, WA
 Patel, Rita  Pulmonary/Critical Care  Stanford
 Pietras, Chris  Palliative Care  UC San Diego **
 Ratanasen, Milin  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Sacramento
 Reddy, Pavani  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Santa Clara
 Sharma, Ripple  Gastroenterology  California Pacific Medical Center
 Thai, Anne  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Thompson, Sarah  Hematology/Oncology  UC Davis
 Tong, Allen  General Medicine Fellowship  UC Davis
 Wang, Sharon  Infectious Diseases  UC Davis
 Wood, Greg  Cardiology  University of Illinois, Chicago


 Graduate  Specialty  Program/location
 Amess, William  Endocrinology  UC Davis
 Aron, Jonathan  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Sacramento **
 Chan, Thomas  Primary Care  Kaiser, Fair Oaks
 Chock, Brandon  Endocrinology  UC Davis
 De Cruz, Sharon  Pulmonary/Critical Care  UCLA
 Heller, Mark  Hospitalist  Sutter General, Sacramento
 Holt, Zachary (TEACH)  Primary Care Faculty  UC Davis **
 Ingram, Drew  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Joshi, Rajesh  Hospitalist  Petaluma Valley Hospital
 Kashkouli, Parisa  Hospitalist  UC Davis **
 Lei, Amy  Hematology/Oncology  UC Davis
 Ly, Stacy (TEACH)  Hospitalist  John Muir Hospital, Walnut Creek
 Ngo, Catherine  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Oldham, Justin  Pulmonary/Critical Care  University of Chicago
 Quang, Yen  Gastroenterology  University of New Mexico
 Sangha, Sharonjeet  Anesthesiology Residency  UC Davis **
 Seaman, Christopher  Hospitalist  Mercy Hospital, Sacramento
 Sepehrdad, Reza  Cardiology  UC Davis
 Sodetani, Lisa  Primary Care  Northern Region Community Health (Guam)
 Stocker, Timothy  Primary Care  Kaiser, Long Beach
 Than, Lara  Hospitalist  UC Davis **
 Thong, Linh  Nephrology  UC Irvine
 Yeh, You-Tan  Primary Care  Sutter, Stockton
 Zoucha, Jeffrey  Hospitalist  Denver General Hospital **



 Graduate  Specialty  Program/location
 Chen, Jenny  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Cheng, Edward  Pulmonary/Critical Care  UCLA/Cedars Sinai
 Draper, Jennifer*  Primary Care  UC Davis **
 Gabler, Scott*  Cardiology  Thomas Jefferson
 Ghamloush, Maher  Pulmonary/Critical Care  Tufts
 Hanson, Kris  Primary Care  Central Ohio Primary Care
 Hogberg, Ingrid*  Cardiology  OHSU
 Huynh, Tracy  Cardiology  Medical College of Wisconsin
 Kamboj, Amit  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Kupersmith, Adam  Cardiology  St. Vincents's Hospital, New York
 Lee, Winnie  Primary Care  Holy Cross Hospital, Maryland
 Logan, Ian  Gastroenterology  UC Davis
 Moreland, Chris  General Medicine Fellowship  UC Davis **
 Nandi, Renee  Primary Care  Kaiser, Oakland
 Nguyen, Hoai  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Sacramento
 Rad, Hanieh  Hospitalist  California Pacific Medical Center
 Sands, Jacob  Hematology/Oncology  UC Davis
 Tam, Jimmy  Hospitalist  Kaiser, Baldwin Park
 Vosganian, Greg  Hematology/Oncology  Scripps Hospital
 Wakeley, Shannon  Endocrinology  University of Nebraska
 Ward, Aaron  Primary Care/Hospitalist  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Wolf, Amy*  Primary Care  Kaiser, Woodland Hills

*Chief Resident 2008/2009

Life after residency!

Life after fellowship