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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Clinical sites

The UC Davis Medical Center is a 600-bed hospital and the only academic medical center and Level 1 trauma center in the northern Central Valley of California.  It is a major tertiary referral center, but also a key healthcare provider for its surrounding community.  It is the primary training site, and residents spend approximately 70 % of their time on rotations at the Medical Center hospital or clinics.

Kaiser Sacramento Medical Center

The Sacramento Kaiser Permanente system is the largest healthcare system in the Sacramento Area, caring for more that 50% of the patients in our region! Our residents work at several sites at the North Kaiser and South Kaiser Hospitals, in clinics, inpatient wards and the ICU.  Residents spend about 15 % of their time at Kaiser over their residency.

Sacramento VA Medical Center

The Sacramento VA Medical Center is a new 50-bed state-of-the-art hospital.  Its relative size makes it operate much like a small community hospital.  Our residents work in the clinics, wards, and the ICU.  Residents spend approximately 15 % of their time at the VA over their 3 years.

Sacramento County Primary Care Clinic

Several other outpatient sites help train our residents. The Sacramento County Clinics for the medically indigent and underserved houses the TEACH primary care clinic for our TEACH Track, and several categorical residents have their continuity clinic based here as well. Residents rotate through several subspecialty clinics here, including the County’s TB Clinic.

Dignity Health Clinic

The Dignity Health System is a large hospital and clinic system in our area.  Our residents rotate there for geriatrics, podiatry, allergy, and neurology clinics.