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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Cardiac Fellowship Training Program Outline

Cardiovascular medicine

Physician training


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Cardiovascular Regulatory Boards, Councils and Guidelines

Complete goals of the Cardiology Fellowship Program (PDF)


  • Intellectual Environment: acquire knowledge, skills, clinical judgment, attitudes, values
  • Best possible compassionate care with humanistic and ethical attributes
  • Balance between academic and clinical service
  • Scholarship and completed research followed by reviewed journal publication
  • Critical thinking in Journal clubs, literature reviews, internet learning, presentations

Complete Core Curriculum (PDF)


  • Clinical core - 24 mos (9 nonlab, 3 CICU), continuity clinics 2-½ days/wk
  • Didactic, case conferences, self learning (interactive), examinations
  • Faculty/fellow ratio (17/10)
  • Level 1 - basic to become competent consultant cardiologist
  • Level 2 - additional to perform and interpret procedures or specialized care
  • Level 3 - advanced to perform, interpret, and train others

Complete training outline (PDF)


  • Conferences, Seminars, Review of Published Reports, Lectures
  • Teaching, Education, Self-study
  • Evaluation, Documentation of Competence, Feedback, Records, Examinations (General, Echo, Cath, EP, ECG)
Related Training
  • Radiology: Cardiac and vascular x-ray
  • Surgery: risk, benefit, preop, postop CT
  • Anesthesia: preop, postop cardiac patients
  • Pulmonary: PFT, angio, scan, pulmonary disease
  • Obstetrics: pregnancy and heart disease
  • Physiology: exercise stress, aging
  • Pharmacology: cardiovascular drugs, function
  • Pathology: gross, microscopic heart disease
  • Geriatics: aging on CV disease and therapy
  • Internal Medicine Residency
  • 10 subspecialty programs
  • Inpatient and Outpatient facilities (UC Davis Medical Center, VA Sacramento Medical Center)
  • Laboratories: invasive and non-invasive
  • Nuclear cardiology, Electrophysiology, Research
  • Intensive Care Facilities
  • Cardiac and Peripheral vascular surgery
  • Faculty and Facilities:
    • Congenital Heart Disease
    • Hypertension, Peripheral vascular
    • Pulmonary, X-ray, MRI
    • Preventive Cardiology
    • Cardiovascular Pathology
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation