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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Message from the Chair

Picture three interlocking circles. Each circle is distinct and complete, yet each overlaps the other two. Together they form a decisive pattern - stronger and more impressive than one circle alone.

Like the circles, the mission of the UC Davis Department of Internal Medicine is threefold: to provide excellence in clinical care, research and education. Three different facets of the department, each independently significant, yet all three united in purpose. That purpose is linked to the UC Davis Health System vision of an integrated, academic health-care environment that blends dedication to delivery of high-quality medical care with commitment to cutting-edge research and superior physician training.

Our mission is vital to the health system vision. Internal medicine faculty, programs and research activities play a crucial role in making UC Davis a prestigious academic and medical institution. But we are also an integral part of the larger community we serve, reaching beyond the health system to the people of inland Northern California.

Clinical care, research, education - all three aspects of our mission are interrelated. We believe that research helps produce not only medical advances, but keen clinicians and educators; that education nurtures creativity that sparks innovation and scientific breakthroughs; and that a deep understanding of the challenges of health and disease fosters the desire to actively participate in the discovery of knowledge and new models of care.

Internists are "doctors for adults." Every faculty member is a Sherlock Holmes of medicine, probing and learning how the body works and taking that new information to the bedside. We are teachers as well as clinicians, dedicated to training the best physicians of tomorrow. And because we have been patients ourselves, we understand what it means to be sick. We care about the family and recognize that illness can be an emotional emergency as well as a medical one.

The internists of our department have been prime movers in developing the UC Davis Health System. We're proud of our diverse faculty who provide premier research, education and patient care. We are prepared to invest our energies, passion and resources into the medical excellence that distinguishes the Department of Medicine.

Timothy E. Albertson, M.D.
Chair of Internal Medicine