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Trauma Prevention and Outreach

Trauma Prevention and Outreach


Alcohol screening and brief intervention in trauma patients

The use of alcohol has long been associated with an increased number of traumatic injuries and deaths. Alcohol is such a significant factor in injuries that the American College of Surgeons now requires Level 1 trauma centers to have a mechanism to identify patients who are problem drinkers. 

Screening and Brief Intervention (PDF) is a comprehensive, public health approach to the identification and intervention of problem drinking behavior, and is recommended by the American College of Surgeons to reduce the recurrence of alcohol related injuries.   

The trauma prevention program and trauma surgery service initiated screening and brief intervention for adult trauma patients in 2004, under a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety.  The success of this program was due in part to the efforts of the trauma program nurse practitioners, who continue to carry out the screening and brief interventions for all adult trauma patients at UC Davis Medical Center.