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Integrating Medicine into Basic Science

Integrating Medicine into Basic Science

Scholar learning objectives

The UC Davis-HHMI training program will use cardiovascular diseases — broadly defined to include obesity, diabetes, other inflammatory diseases — as a model for applying basic research and engineering principles to preventing and treating disease.

Scholars selected for the UC Davis HHMI Integrating Basic Science into Medicine training grant will develop the following core competencies through an innovative curriculum:

  1. A new understanding of principles of human physiology, pathophysiology and medical principles of disease and how to apply those principles to your research
  2. Opportunities to recognize unmet medical needs and to apply your research to help meet those needs
  3. Leadership, communication and evaluation skills to lead and inspire translational research teams of scientists, engineers and clinicians to work at the interface of science and clinical medicine to improve human health
  4. Understanding of the culture, language, and challenges of clinical medicine and  patient-oriented research
  5. Ability communicate your research to scientists engaged in patient-oriented research, clinicians, other health care providers, policy makers, patient advocates, and patients and their families
  6. Skills in peer evaluation and self assessment  in the context of working in translational research teams
  7. Understanding of diversity and health care disparities in the context of working with translational research teams and developing  research questions