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Integrating Medicine into Basic Science

Integrating Medicine into Basic Science


Call for applications/nominations

We are pleased to announce the UC Davis Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) sponsored Translational Research Training Program entitled Integrating Medicine into Basic Science (IMBS).

The UC Davis HHMI IMBS program is intended to introduce highly-qualified and highly-motivated Ph.D. students in biomedical research and engineering to the world of clinical medicine. A one-year multifaceted curriculum builds on the basic Ph.D. training through an array of clinical experiences and rotations; interactive training opportunities and courses with medical students, basic scientists, clinician scientists and clinician-educators.

The program will use cardiovascular disease broadly defined (to include obesity, diabetes, heart failure, stroke, etc) or oncology/cancer biology as a model for integrating an understanding of medical principles and clinical relevance into the scholar’s basic research program. In line with the focus of the NIH and HHMI on translational research to bridge the gap between basic science and improved human health, scholars will develop skill sets to lead and participate in team/translational science. The UC DAVIS HHMI IMBS training will strongly advantage scholars in preparing for successful careers in academia or industrial/pharmaceutical settings.

A Master of Advanced Study in Clinical Research, a Designated Emphasis in Translational Research (DETR) or a Certificate in Translational Research may be obtained.

We will accept up to 8 UC Davis HHMI IMBS scholars for the 2012-13 calendar year (June 25, 2012-June 30, 2013). Faculty may nominate a student, or a student may apply directly to the program. Funding in most instances will be limited to one year.

For full consideration, the application deadline is Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Strong academic credentials, strong interest in translational biomedical research and good communication skills.
  2. Basic biological research. Research which the student and faculty mentor recognize as having the potential to be broadly applied to cardiovascular disease, including diabetes, obesity, heart failure, stroke, etc. is valuable but not required.
  3. Completion of the first-year of a Ph.D. graduate program (open to 2nd-5th year students).
  4. Faculty member (nominator) agrees to participate in the Clinical Medicine-Basic Science Learning Groups.
  5. Student is able to commit 5 weeks (approximately 80% time to the Summer Institute: Introduction to Clinical Medicine (August-early September).
  6. Additional review criteria: Diversity of scholars’ background, interests, career aspirations in biomedically-relevant research.

All students nominated for the UC Davis HHMI IMBS Training Program will be evaluated by the Recruitment & Retention Committee and the Executive Committee. Personal interviews may be necessary before final selections are made. Awards will be announced in late May.

Stipend and tuition will be covered for one calendar year (50%-75% level). The faculty mentor is responsible for the additional student support.

Applicants should submit completed nomination form, (unofficial) copies of transcripts and GRE scores, letter of recommendation by faculty mentor and signed commitment form to 0301 Life Sciences Building (Lower level) by 5PM on or before.

TUESDAY May 1, 2012

Note: Faculty Biosketch should be emailed to Dr. Kjelstrom (


Please Contact:

Judith A. Kjelstrom, Ph.D.
Co-director, HHMI-IMBS Training Program
Recruitment & Retention Committee, Chair
0301 Life Sciences
One Shields Avenue
University of California, Davis 95616

FAX: 530-752-4125
Tel: (530) 752-8228