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Integrating Medicine into Basic Science

Integrating Medicine into Basic Science

HHMI IMBS Curriculum

  1. Clinical Medicine-Basic Science Learning Groups, a core feature of the IMBS, whereby small groups of IMBS trainees, alumni and mentors will form new translational research teams.
  2. Integrating Medicine into Basic Science (CLH 250), a five-week IMBS summer institute to acculturate scholars to the clinical environment, integrate medical principles into their research, and highlight high-impact clinical studies.
  3. Congestive Heart Failure, Mechanism of Disease (CLH 230), designed to introduce the mechanisms of disease as related to cardiovascular health.
  4. Clinical Clerkships, shadowing 3rd-year medical student through rounds.
  5. Patient  Management Conferences, clinically oriented, interdisciplinary, case-based conferences providing practice-based learning and guidance on practical issues arising during patient care, integrating patient care, stimulating communication, reviewing standards of care.
  6. Workshops, including presentation of research, leadership, bioethics, career development, responsible conduct of research, academic-industry partnership.
  7. NIH K30 MCRTP courses.  These courses can provide the added  value of IMBS scholars networking with junior clinical faculty and  fellows.
  8. Clinical Rotations. Scholars will train shoulder-to-shoulder with med students and residents/fellows in a designated set of clinical venues relevant to their research.
  9. Seminar Series (CLH 290A, 1 unit).  Presentation of landmark papers
     in vascular medicine and research plus discussions.
  10. Research Facility Field Trips.
  11. Kick-Off and Year-End Retreats to foster interactions and track progress.
  12. Social events to build social relationships and encourage interactions.