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UC Living Fit Forever Program

Want better tone?
Want improved endurance, flexibility and strength?
Want a better understanding of how your eating habits impact the way you feel and function?
Want to improve your mindfulness and reduce stress?
We are the program for you!
UC Living Fit Forever is a sustainable fitness and wellness program for employees looking for a permanent lifestyle change. Program highlights include: fitness testing and on-site fitness training (cardio interval, core strengthening, pilates, strengthening/conditioning, zumba and yoga instruction). Lecture series include: nutrition, stress reduction, preventing injuries, and aging well.
In this program, participants will learn skills and knowledge to live fit forever. Participants are encouraged to sign up with a partner so that each person may lend support and encouragement to each other throughout this journey. Enrollment is open to new participants in February and August of each calendar year. This program is free to all UC Davis Health System employees.
UC Living Fit Forever is managed by Julie Gross, a Physical Therapy Specialist with the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Therapies Department. Julie Gross began developing the idea of Living Fit Forever one year ago and piloted program from August 2011 through January 2012.  The program is in its second session, which began in February 2012 with 300 participants enrolled.
For more information please contact Julie at