Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Created by the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest and driven by a diverse coalition of food movement leaders and citizens, Food Day aims to bring us closer to a food system with real and healthy just food that is produced with care for the environment, animals, and the women and men who grow, harvest, and serve it.


UCNet Food Day
Food Day Pledge 2015

Campus, Local, and National Food Day Events in October:

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Take Personal Action Two Ways:

  1. Take the UC Food Day Pledge to Eat Real  link coming soon...
  2. Join the Green Meal Initiative:

Green Meal is a national initiative created by Food Day, The Humane Society of the United States, Health Care Without Harm, and Meatless Monday to raise awareness about the critical importance of eating less meat and enjoying more whole plant-based foods as a way to become healthier and to help animals and the environment.  Visit the site to find out to to participate in the initiative.  Join the conversation online at #GreenMeal.

Green Meal Initiative Resources: