New Employees
Existing Employees
Training Descriptions

Per the Mandatory Training Policy, the following trainings are required for new and exising employees:

New Employees

In order to officially welcome new employees into the UC Davis Health and get accustomed to our culture and values, new employees are required to attend the New Employee Welcome within the first 30 days of employment. 
The in-person New Employee Welcome includes Mandatory Annual Safety Training.

Additionally, Supervisors and Managers need to take the Sexual Harassment Prevention course separately in-person or online.  Please see the course description below for more information.

Existing Employees

Existing employees are required to update their certifications by taking the following trainings annually:

  • Mandatory Annual Training (course # 06703)
  • Privacy & Security (course # 06528)

Every two years, employees are required to take the following training: 

  • Ethical Values and Conduct Training (course # 07842)
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention (Supervisors/Managers only) (course #05203)

The above trainings may be completed online via the UC Learning Center (UCLC) at  Once logged in, if the training does not appear on your homepage under the “To Do” section, search for the course name and/or course number of the specific class.


Training Descriptions

New Employee Welcome (NEW)

By the end of this orientation, new employees will:

  • Become familiar with the culture and values of UC Davis Health;
  • Be informed of the strategic direction;
  • Identify various benefits and services available to them; and
  • Meet other new employees and key people from around UC Davis Health.

In addition, new employees will:

  • Become familiar with UCDH safety protocols;
  • Understand the importance of guarding patient information;  and
  • Learn how UCDH standards of ethical conduct apply to work life.  

Mandatory Annual Training (MAT) (Course # 06703)

The Joint Commission, the State of California, the Department of Public Health, and the UC Davis Health have identified topics which can significantly impact personal, patient, and environmental safety.  Topics covered include: safety management, environmental and hazardous materials management, fire prevention, emergency management, security management, MRI safety, utility systems management, ergonomics, and infection prevention and control. In addition, the code of conduct and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are covered. Annually, the MAT is refreshed to incorporate the annual patient safety goals as specified by the Joint Commission.


Privacy & Security Training (Course # 06528)

This training will help employees understand the roles and responsibilities involved in protecting patient information.  Privacy state laws as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require employees to understand the importance of and consequences for not complying with these laws, resulting in possible fines for breaches of patient medical information.

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Ethical Values and Conduct Training (Course # 07842)

Employees will learn how the UCDH values and standards of ethical conduct apply to work life; understand how to report potential instances of non-compliance and fraud; and become familiar with the UC Whistleblower Protection Policy.

Sexual Harassment Prevention (course #05203)

This course provides supervisory staff with information to recognize and deter sexual harassment in the workplace and provide strategies for handling complaints.

The course provides information regarding:

1) The legal definition of sexual harassment and behaviors which may constitute it;
2) The detrimental effects of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation on employees and UCDH;
3) The role and liability of the supervisor in enforcing the UCDH policy on sexual harassment, nondiscrimination & retaliation;
4) Techniques to prevent sexual harassment and handle complaints; and
5) UCDH resources that provide support and consultation.