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Radiologic Technologist Program

UC Davis Medical Center and other Sacramento hospitals have joined with Yuba College to offer a two-year Radiologic Technologist program.

The Radiologic Technologist curriculum begins after the student has completed the required prerequisite courses, completed a special application, and been formally accepted into the program. The program consists of concurrent radiologic technology classroom training and internship at one of the approved clinical affiliates. The program is full-time.

Upon successful completion of all required courses, the student will receive an Associated Degree in Radiologic Technology and a Certificate of Completion and is eligible to the take the required Examination, which will qualify the graduate to work as a Radiologic Technologist.

This program is accredited by the State of California Department of Public Health, Radiation Health Branch and the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).

Registration Certification as a Radiologic Technologist provides for employment opportunities primarily in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and doctors' offices. Employment opportunities for Radiologic Technologists are expected to remain stable through the year 2020.

For information on how to get started, requirements/procedures, and how to apply for the Yuba College Radiologic Technologist Program, please click on the link below.